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A professional agency that offers assistance when selling, buying, renting or leasing real estate. We are one of the leaders in the real estate market in Bosnia Herzegovina….


Few countries can boast of being the ancient seat and source of modern European civilization. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a bridge between Europe and Asia, and an incredible blend of the East and West. Wide spaciousness of wild and untouched nature make it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventurers…

Rent a Car

To see a fascinating city in a whole new light when you rent a car in Sarajevo. Having your own vehicle gives you all the independence required for a convenient trip that’s tailored to your needs. Not only can you visit popular tourist attractions on your own schedule, but you can be completely open to driving somewhere on a whim…


At present, the construction of several tens of residential settlements is being prepared in our country. In Sarajevo and the surrounding area, construction of several tens of residential settlements, which are owned by investors from foreign countries, is under construction…

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